How do I get more adhesives for my iGripz?
What is the difference between the white adhesive and red 3M VHB adhesive?
iGripz Adhesive Tutorial

This video discusses how to properly add and remove the adhesives on your iGripz Plus or Deluxe. If you peel the adhesive off properly, you can even reuse it again. If you don't peel it off correctly, don't worry because you can order them again for 1 cent!

Will using iGripz prevent me from wireless charging?

Wireless Charging on iGripz

Having difficulty wireless charging your iPhone or Android cellphone because of your case? With iGripz, we found a solution for you. With our microGrip solution, you can now use our iGripz add-on to help you charge your phones regardless of what case you are using.  

Installing iGripz Deluxe

Just purchase the iGripz™ Deluxe for your phone and now wondering how to properly put it on? Watch this how-to video that gives you a breakdown of how to install our product on either your iPhone or Android case. 

Removing iGripz Deluxe From Case

Efficiently move the iGripz™ Deluxe from your case using either the red, VHB adhesive or the white adhesive. They both are used differently in situations. Check out our video to learn what the difference is and how to properly remove your iGripz™ Deluxe from your case.  

Removing iGripz Deluxe Using White Adhesive

Removing the iGripz™ Deluxe can look challenging and intimidating, but it is quite simple using our white adhesive that you received when you bought your iGripz™. In this video, we discuss the proper technique used to remove our product from a hard surface. As a bonus, you are able to reuse our adhesives if removed properly.  

Fix a Faulty Lever on a iGripz Deluxe

The great thing about the iGripz™ Deluxe is that you can easily eject your credit cards or money from your case, but sometimes you can run in to some issues with the pull lever. Watch our tutorial video and learn from the pros on how to fix this easy problem.  

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