Should your product ever become damaged or defective in any way, we provide replacement(s) under the Lifetime Guarantee. Please make sure you have completed the Lifetime Guarantee Registration and received a confirmation. Once you have registered your products you can go to the Product Replacement page to order a replacement.

Note: A photo or video of the broken item is required to request a replacement iGripz.
Replacement adhesives are available to purchase on our website. The adhesives are $1.00 total, you just pay for shipping and handling.

You will receive:
2 iGripz Ring Only 3M VHB Adhesives
2 iGripz Deluxe/Plus 3M VHB Adhesives
2 White Removable and Reusable Adhesives
The white adhesive is removable and reusable hundreds of times.

Use if you have a case that is:
  • hard plastic
  • hard rubber
  • a smooth/non porous surface
  • or if you are placing directly on your phone
The red 3M VHB adhesive is a one time use and is not reusable.

Use if you have a case that is:
  • soft leather
  • soft rubber
  • soft plastic
  • uneven or rough surfaces
Watch this video as we explain the difference between each adhesive and how to properly use them.
$4.95 shipping and handling is necessary in order to provide replacements for our customers. We are happy to absorb the cost for the products, however shipping is becoming very costly and we simply would not be able to absorb the loss and provide this service. We do not need you to send the damaged item back to us, but you must include a picture or video of the product in order for us to fulfill your replacement and mail out your replacement.
No! We have created a product called microGripz, a very strong, fine hook and loop system, which is the latest in Velcro technology. It is capable of holding over 30 pounds. The microGripz will undoubtably hold your iGripz to your phone or case, but also enables the user the ability to remove, wireless charge and reattach their iGripz with ease and no sticky residue. Watch this tutorial on how to use the iGripz on your wireless charger.
The iGripz line of products are manufactured by our partner factory overseas and shipped to our facility in Atlanta, GA where each and every product is thoroughly inspected.

A wide misconception on the market is that all cellphone rings are created equal. Unlike iGripz, many other rings on the market look similar but are not made of the same quality material used in our factory. They look like metal but are made of plastic and do not last. The iGripz is made of zinc alloy metal and a polycarbonate base, with an industry leading selection of adhesives that guarantees your phone and iGripz will never come apart until your ready to remove it.