Who is Dynamic Promotions, Inc.

Our name says it all.  Nearly 4 years ago, our company was formed to provide retailers with a unique way to promote and sell many of today’s popular product lines through live interactive “in-store-fomercials”. 

Whether it be our own unique line of products or a product line from a partner company, our staff of Dynamic Brand Ambassadors can demonstrate products that would normally gather dust on a shelf in a Retail store and bring it to life with a customized and detailed approach. 

Our brief face-to-face Promotions can captivate any audience, enabling them to see the true function and need behind any product we are pitching.


We are always looking for the next talented Brand Ambassador. If you feel you have what it takes , simply  complete the form to learn more about joining our team of professional pitch artists. 

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Dynamic Promotions, Inc.

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